Why Would You Want To Be Wealthy?

The biggest obstacle to achieving wealth is ones perspective about it and what it’s use is. If you have a bad attitude toward those that have it, you’re pushing it away at EVERY level…even the level that will allow you to live comfortably. If you view money simply to live lavishly and to buy material things, then even if you had wealth, you’d piss it away…why most lottery winners end up broke soon after they win.

Change your attitude about money and what it can do, not just for you but also for others! If more money could help you pay your bills each month, would it be worth changing your attitude about it? If more money could help you be more CHARITABLE – either to a huge cause or to a family who experienced a sudden tragedy – without feeling the need to check your bank account for how much you could SPARE, would that be worth you changing your attitude about it? Money is simply a physical manifestation of the world inside your mind! What reasons that you are passionate about would you want to achieve wealth? To not have to work a job, freeing you up to spend more meaningful time with your family? To be able to free yourself from the chains of debt? To be a true philanthropist, everything from spreading financial resources to different causes OR on a bigger scale, starting a foundation or a charity in your own name that benefits a cause close to your heart? Brainstorm the reasons why you would. I challenge you! Feel the smiles come to your face when your putting a POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE on money and it’s BIGGER PURPOSE rather than the negative attitude we are conditioned to have because of the lack of it.

For more on this subject, I strongly encourage you to read “Secrets Of A Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker.
And if you are looking for a proven, fool-proof system to take the first step in building true wealth for you, your family, and even your friends – watch the short video here and fill out your information in the contact form. I look forward to hearing from you.


Published by Rich Sandera

Committed to encouraging others to not only reduce the amount of stress and anxiety in their lives, but showing others how a proven system can let you realize your most wildest dreams! Start living your life TODAY!!!

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