Fun, Sun, and Income Podcast – September 20th

Listen in as Rich rambles on about his weekend of bartending and gambling and his elatedness over his new Craps table in the garage.  See how fast it takes Rich to lose $200 at Craps while he live broadcasts him throwing the chips around the table.  Also, how the “categorical imperative” or a personal missionContinue reading “Fun, Sun, and Income Podcast – September 20th”

This Summer Has Been WILD!

….to say the least! As many of y’all know, I proposed to Crissy last August while we were on the first ever Club Seacret Escape at the Bahamas Atlantis Paradise Island. It was an amazing vacation to say the least….and it feels like that vacation was forever ago. This year has just absolutely FLOWN by.Continue reading “This Summer Has Been WILD!”

Employers Need To Start Being CHOOSY With Employees; Stop Being Desperate For Help

I’m not an economist…. I usually don’t watch the morning news…but I’ve been up since about 3 am because my backs been killing me, I need to schedule a chiro visit! So here I am watching KARE11 Sunrise, and they’re talking about Minnesota nurses authorizing a strike. And it got me thinking… A few yearsContinue reading “Employers Need To Start Being CHOOSY With Employees; Stop Being Desperate For Help”

Stop Working For Money, Start Working For Time

If you currently are a monthly subscriber of a product or a a service, you are providing a residual, recurring income to that business. 100% proof that YOU can do it too. You can start, create, or join a business that you can market products or services on a subscription basis. If the thing weContinue reading “Stop Working For Money, Start Working For Time”

Why Would You Want To Be Wealthy?

The biggest obstacle to achieving wealth is ones perspective about it and what it’s use is. If you have a bad attitude toward those that have it, you’re pushing it away at EVERY level…even the level that will allow you to live comfortably. If you view money simply to live lavishly and to buy materialContinue reading “Why Would You Want To Be Wealthy?”

Find A Way To Win…and Enjoy The Journey

It was February of 2011 and I had just finished up an amazing visit to the city of Chicago with a few friends and a few new ones.  A blizzard had gone through Minneapolis/Saint Paul, and an airport closure that had cancelled thousands of flights back into MSP meant that it was going to beContinue reading “Find A Way To Win…and Enjoy The Journey”