Become a Fun, Sun, and Income Podcast Sponsor!

Are you a local Twin Cities business owner looking to grow and reach a new audience?

The BRAND NEW Fun, Sun, and Income Podcast has a vision of growing to THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of listeners and subscribers over the next twelve months, mainly people here in the Twin Cities area, but considering the people that Rich Sandera has met from all around the country and all over the world during the 70+ vacations over the last 11 years….someone in Tupelo, Mississippi might hear YOUR ad on The Fun, Sun, and Income Podcast and will have a huge insight in which establishments they want to go to on their next visit to the Twin Cities!

Or conversely, maybe you’re a business owner outside the Twin Cities….maybe in Greensboro, North Carolina. Someone in Lawrence, Kansas hears your ad on the Fun, Sun, and Income Podcast and they have a trip lined up to North Cackalacky this fall. Bingo bango bongo! They’re coming to you because they heard about you on the podcast.

The Fun, Sun, and Income Podcast is currently fielding businesses to be sponsors of the podcast! Because of the podcast’s infancy at the moment, sponsor spots are currently PENNIES on the dollar compared to what they will be a year from now! Fill out the form below to discuss your company being promoted on the podcast. Take advantage of low ad spend/cost NOW before the podcast grows!

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